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Equipment Rentals – Wholesale Pricing

Equipment Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
Axial Air Mover
$10 $9 $8
Centrifugal Air Mover
$10 $9 $8
LGR Dehumidifier (Large)
Phoenix R175 or comparable
$35 $30 $25
LGR Dehumidifier (Ex Large)
Phoenix 200 or comparable
$45 $40 $35
Air Scrubber (AFD)
Phoenix Guardian or comparable
$65 $63 $60
Extension Cords
(12 Gauge/100′)
$3.00 $2.50 $1.75
Diesel Generators
Depends on KW Depends on KW Depends on KW
1000 CFM Desiccant
$575 $575 Call for Quote
1200 CFM Desiccant
$625 $625 Call for Quote
2000 CFM Desiccant
$775 $775 Call for Quote
3000 CFM Desiccant
$825 $825 Call for Quote
3500 CFM Desiccant
$850 $850 Call for Quote
5000 CFM Desiccant
$1150 $1150 Call for Quote
6000 CFM Desiccant
$1225 $1225 Call for Quote
7500 CFM Desiccant
$1350 $1350 Call for Quote
8500 CFM Desiccant
$1450 $1450 Call for Quote
10000 CFM Desiccant
$1600 $1600 Call for Quote
15000 CFM Desiccant
$2750 $2750 Call for Quote
Service Listings
Service/Item Bus Hrs After Hrs
Project Consultant $125 per Hour $150.00
Project Director $80 per Hour $115 per Hour
Project Manager $75 per Hour $105 per Hour
Drying Technician $65 per Hour $82 per Hour
Restoration Technician $45 per Hour $62 per Hour
General Laborer $29 per Hour $39 per Hour
Mobilization (Trucking)
(Rates may vary)
$3.00 per Mile
Per Diem $40/Day
Lodging Cost + 10%
Air Travel Cost + 10%
Fueling of Equipment Cost + 20%
Decontamination Fees (If Applicable)
If you do not have the time to decontaminate and clean the equipment, we can do it for you!
Service/Item     Rate per Unit
Air Mover $6.95
LGR Dehumidifier $13.95
Air Scrubber $13.95 (Not including Filters)
Air Scrubber HEPA Filter $229
Air Scrubber Primary & Secondary Filter $24.95
Supplies Listing
Item     Price
Flat Ducting (Per Roll) $280
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DTI can help!

We do not market our services to the insurance industry or their clients, we support you the contractors. It is in our best interest to make sure that you get what you need, WHERE and WHEN you need it!

We have internal personnel for mobilization of our fleet as well as yours if you need us to help get your equipment there. Trucking is not our business and is strictly for getting the equipment and supplies to the job site as timely and cost-effective as possible. Nor do we have the additional overhead of running a normal trucking business. Therefore we can offer very competitive rates for moving equipment if you need us to.

Variable Pricing

We will work very hard to give you the best deal we can offer because DTI understands that it is the long term relationships that are important. To fulfill your needs, at times, we may have to go beyond our inventory depending on your circumstances. If that is the case we have made alliances that allow us to still deliver competitive pricing. If that is not the case, we will inform you of any pricing changes at the time of rental so that there are no surprises. In some cases we can deliver even better pricing!

The pricing that is posted to the right is general pricing to contractors. The pricing can change at any time, so we highly recommend that you speak to a DTI Representative before making any decisions by calling 1-888-384-4228.

All rates are for time out, not time used. Daily rates are per 24 hour period from (am to am) or (pm to pm). A 12 % Damage waiver will be added without proof of insurance. Your company is responsible for all electrical hook-ups, all fuel for the equipment, and the forklift if one is required at the job site. There is a 3 day minimum on all rentals. Weekly or monthly rates are available depending on equipment type and availability. Ask your DTI Representative for more info.

DTI Documents

The DTI document links will allow you to view, print or save the document to your computer for future reference. To view just left click on the link and it will open in Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can click here to get it for free. Once you have installed click here to you computer close the browser you installed from and this internet brouwser will still be here. Then you can proceed.

If you would like to save the document to your computer, left click and choose “save target as” from the drop down list. Once it starts choose where to save the document and click save. If you need to speak to someone about rentals please call the our toll free hotline at 888-DTI-4CAT (888-384-4228) or email us.